Qualified measurement of laser beam caustic and power at your location.

Laser Trader offer an on-site beam diagnostic measument sevice, using our high-power PRIMES measuring devices. We offer a full measurement of Laser Caustic and power measurent. This includes measurement of focus dimensions, qualification of the tool centre point, power density distribution, beam quality factor (M^2) and beam parameter product (BPP) to give a measurement complient to ISO-11146, as well as measurement of laser power and power stability over time.

This allows the customer a complete understanding of the laser system, without investing in their own diagnostic equipment and training staff to use this. This is particularly useful if beam qualification is required for contracted work for job shops, or for any customer experiencing a drop in product quality, or wanting a deeper understanding of their system.

Our Laser experts across the course of a day will conduct measurements across your entire working range of laser powers, focus positions and any other important parameters for your process. Following this we will take all this data, and produce a coherent analysis of the results in an easy to understand format for your appraisal.

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