LaserQualityMonitor LQM+

Direct measures the power density distribution of a focus geometry   

The LaserQualityMonitor (LQM+) is a perfect measurement system for the characterization and qualification of the beam propagation of lasers in the range of UV to NIR. 

Typical areas of application are:   

  • Laser and system development 
  • Quality assurance in production of laser sources 
  • Simplifies service and maintenance 

Determine beam propagations, analyse faults  

The LaserQualityMonitor LQM+ offers an integrated solution for the quick and straightforward analysis of the beam properties of a beam source. The beam propagation of lasers from the UV to NIR range are characterised and certified with this measuring system. Furthermore, errors in the optical structure of resonators of beam imaging systems can easily be analysed. 

This PRIMES innovation directly measures the power density distribution of a focal geometry that was created by integrated focusing optics. That makes this system unique in the market.    

Advantage of this measurement method: Disturbances from diffraction structures, misalignment, asymmetries and other effects become directly visible in the measured power density distributions. 

Compact, simple, individually expandable   

The LQM characterises the parameters of a beam source automatically and quickly in conformity with ISO standard 11146. This is a compact and easy-to-align measuring system which is positioned directly in front of the laser to be measured and is aimed at the laser beam. The LQM essentially consists of a basic system in which all optical components and measurement functions are completely integrated. The base device can be supplemented by front-end modules with beam splitters, absorbers and alignment units and its power potential increased into the multi-kilowatt range. Fibre holders, collimators, neutral density glass filter inserts and additional measurement optics are available if needed. Furthermore, integrated measuring stations can be supplied as custom solutions. 

Measured beam parameters   

  • Beam waist diameter / beam dimensions   
  • Waist position / focal position with reference to the beam entry into the LQM  
  • Beam radius  
  • Far field divergence  
  • Rayleigh length  
  • Divergence 
  • Beam propagation factor k 
  • Diffraction index M²

The Features of the LQM+ 

  • Accelerated measurement 
  • Completely automated caustic scan 
  • Operation and presentation with the new PRIMES LaserDiagnosticesSoftware
  • Optionally avabilable for up to 20kW
  • Optionally available with new internal objective allowing up to 30mm x mrad


Subject to change without notice.