BeamMonitor HQ

Compact Laser Profiler

The CameraMonitor 10.6 is a camera-based measuring system analyzing IR laser radiation at 10,6 µm wavelength.

  • fast and convenient
  • easy handling
  • practical design


The new reference system for raw beam diagnostics of CO2 -Lasers is available now.

The BeamMonitor HQ terminates the era of “mode” burns in acrylic glass.
The new beam profiler enables fast high performance measurement with high accuracy. This is ensured by a high dynamics detector system.

Technical description

Measured Beam Parameter

•    Beam position
•    Beam dimensions
•    Beam symmetry

Modes of Operation

  • Service operation

The system is operated by a PC. In this case, it is possible to visualize the complete power density distribution.
The repetition rate of the measurement is limited mainly by the data transmission. With Ethernet-based communication a maximum repetition rate of 0.5 Hz is possible.

  • Remote operation

The BeamMonitor HQ is designed to run via different interfaces by the SPC of the laser machine. All the calculated beam parameters are available. This enables a direct monitoring of all beam parameters.

Technical data


50 mm aperture:
H x B x D:  183 mm x 138.5 mm x 63 mm (without connectors)

Weight:    1.5 kg


•    Ethernet (TCP/IP) DHCP
•    RS 485 / RS 232 - optional

Power supply

•    24 V and maximum 1 A

Maximum acceleration
(device not in operation):  4 g.
During operation no external force should be applied to the device.

The option LineScan enables the operation of the BeamMonitor HQ at a fix y-position. Then, single traces can be measured with a repetition rate up to 30 Hz.

Control and presentation

The BeamMonitor HQ is the perfect tool for the characterization of your laser beam. Its applications reach from monitoring during production to beam profiling during the adjustment of a laser resonator.

The mechanically-scanning system measures the spatial power density of collimated CO2-laser beams at full power.
Due to its compact design and low weight, the BeamMonitor HQ is optimized for service and machine integration.