Power Measuring in the Smallest of Spaces Narrow, hot, and contorted? Under even the most adverse conditions, our Cube M will show you exactly how your laser system is working in just one shot: so you’ll never have to hear the ugly word “power loss” ever again. With its compact and small design, this little power pack can be used even in the tightest working areas and with the highest power densities. 

This makes the robust, cooling water free power meter perfect for all areas of additive manufacturing. Rugged, mobile, and yet still extremely precise – that’s what you’re getting with the Cube M power meter. Internal power readouts from laser beam sources can only show changes at the source of the laser. 

The full path taken by the laser beam to reach the work piece is of utmost importance, which is why it makes sense to measure power as close to the working area as possible. We developed the Cube M especially for this type of use. Its palm-sized design allows it to fi t easily into the very tight spaces inside machines for use in laser material processing and it is designed to handle very high power densities. 

For some high-power applications, the irradiation is too intense for standard power meters and will destroy the coating on the absorber. The Cube M, however, can measure power densities of up to 250 kW/cm² with power of up to 2 kW!

Thanks to the micro optic at beam incidence developed by PRIMES, the Cube M can be placed directly under the processing lens in the focused laser beam. Here it is not absolutely necessary for the laser beam to have a perpendicular incidence; deviations of ± 20° in relation to the vertical are acceptable. These properties make the Cube M perfectly suited to use in micromachining and the revolutionary new industry of additive manufacturing


The Key Benefits:

1 The compact design of just 60 x 65 x 80 mm enable use of the Cube M in places within the system that might normally be out of the question 

2 Do more than just record power changes at your laser source, be certain of the entire path of irradiation through to the workpiece 

3 By systematically measuring performance at the working level over the entire working range, optical contaminants can be located quickly and effectively 

4 Specialized for high-performance applications with highest power densities of up to 250 kW/cm2 

5 Wireless and without cooling water, dust and shock protection


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