The Flexible and Compact Power Meter for Service Uses High energy packed onto the smallest of surfaces: There is still plenty of untapped potential remaining in the application options for laser beams, while at the same time quality requirements continue to rise. We developed the Cube to ensure maximum productivity of your beam source even in inaccessible locations. As compact as a Rubik’s Cube, it fits in the palm of your hand. It measures the laser beam directly under the processing lens wirelessly and with high precision.


The Cube power meter device is especially suited for single shot measurements of solid-state lasers up to 12 kW. Thanks to its compact design of just 60 x 65 x 65 mm, the Cube can be easily used in the tight spaces in and around machines used for laser material processing. Durable and Independent, Wireless and Cooling Water Free What’s special about the Cube: It functions all on its own, requiring neither a wire for power supply and data exchange nor a tube for cooling water supply. The Cube gets its energy to operate from a lithium cell that can be charged through a micro-USB connection.


The integrated LCD display shows relevant operating data, such as the last measured laser power, the irradiation time, or the current temperature of the absorber. A robust and yet stylish casing protects it against shocks and dust. All this makes it the perfect measuring system for daily operation. The Principle The absorber of the calorimetric measuring system is irradiated with the laser beam for a short time. Between the beginning and end of irradiation, the temperature of the absorber is recorded.


Based on the rise in temperature and the known thermal heat capacity of the absorber, the microprocessor-based electronics are capable of producing a high-precision calculation of the laser power. Determining the temperature difference makes it possible to take multiple power measurements in succession. In the display start window, the current temperature of the absorber is shown. When the absorber overheats, an interlock signal will be activated that stops the laser from emitting power. It is highly recommended that you use this signal.

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