Automated Beam Control in Production with High Brightness Multikilowatt NIR-lasers

The HighPower-MSM-I is designed to work in rough industrial environment: automated beam monitoring in continious working manufacturing facilities.


Beam power, focus position laterally and in depth, focus geometry in form of diameter, divergence and Rayleigh length, beam parameter product and M² as well as further derived parameters can be monitored. The measured values are compared to preset limit- and critical values. Hence, an alarm is generated.
Fully automated measuring programs are running using the communication between system control and laser source. The measuring results are given back to the system control with a corresponding evaluation. All measuring results and status parameter of the measuring decive can be saved with a special timestamp.

Besides an automated beam parameter measurement within a production environment, the device is also suitable for the qualification and verification of beam parameter of beam sources, laser machines and processes in development, production, maintenance and service.


Technical description

The device is provided with a comprehensive internal  sensoric for self controlling  and for identification of internal malfunction sources. Additionally, a further port for a secondary light conducting cable enables an automatic testing of all measuring functions and the status of the internal optics. A power measurement test can be done due to a  corresponding internal heat source.

Technical data

 Beam power  500 W bto 10 kW
 Demand interval power  10 sec, (thermal time 90 sec)
 Beam dimensions  15 µm to approx. 3 mm (depending on measuring optics)
 Focus position  3 per cent focus diameter (lateral)
   75 µm + 5 % Rayleigh length
 Divergence  50 mrad to 400 mrad (round angle)
 Rayleigh length  30 µm to 30 mm
 Time resolution beam measurement  from 2 sec (depending on device settings)
 Astigmatism  to 30 mm
 Tilt angle  0,1 ° to 10 °

  • Beam aperture with refence geometry  (incl. mechanical shutter)
  • Fiber aperture (Fiber plug D, different fiber plug-ins on demand)
  • 3 support surfaces for horizontal and vertical beam entrance
  • 32 digital I/O-ports for communication  of device and laser
  • Dust proof housing
  • Gas shielding of beam entrance
  • 4 internal protective glasses at the exchange-plate
  • Function control  (elektronics, temperature, water, compressed air)
  • Self-test function for power, internal protectice glasses and beam
  • Dimensions: L x W x H = 750 x 400 x 550 mm
  • Weight: approx. 150 kg