Weldmaster Platform

The WeldMaster systems for the real-time process control and quality monitoring of laser seams are based on one standardized platform, which is responsible for data processing and operator guidance. Camera systems and sensors for measuring and controlling the laser joining process can be connected and evaluated to suit the application concerned. The operator concept is always the same, no matter whether the system is supposed to detect and control the joining position, whether an image is evaluated for detecting welding seam defects or whether only a simple sensor signal, the laser power for instance, is to be depicted. The WeldMaster platform reads all measured data in real-time, evaluates it and, as a centralized system, is able to link data values of various measurement sources in any combination and generate variables or make OK or not OK decisions therefrom. 

  • universal platform with standardized operator concept
  • various operator levels with customer-specific releases
  • application-specific signal processing can be implemented
  • flexible product management with arbitrary seam configurations
  • customer-specific measured value visualization
  • graphic editing functions
  • worldwide remote access
  • visualization of finishing processes
  • real-time image and data processing
  • support for all standard fieldbus interfaces
  • processing of analog signals up to 100kHz/s
  • operator interface under Windows