Motor Controllers MC 8510/8610

Controllers for capacitive distance control loop.


  • all laser cutting applications with capacitive distance sensors
    • Lasermatic® (MC8510)
    • Lasermatic® Z (MC8610)

System types/Lasers:

  • CO2 lasers
  • for all solid-state lasers like Nd:YAG, fibre optic and disc lasers


  • completes the capacitive distance control loop
  • parameterization via remote control, front panel
  • control via I/O or field bus (CAN open, Profibus, DeviceNet)
  • multifaceted possibilities for user-defined parameterization
  • acquisition of sensor temperature or monitoring of plasma activity
  • error signal if collision with nozzle body or a cable break occurs
  • saving and tracing of parameters

Technical Specifications:

  • supply voltage: 230 VAC / 115 VAC ±10%, 50 / 60 Hz
  • dimensions (B x H): 230 x 400 x 430 mm
  • mass: about 19 kg

Subject to change without notice.

Linear drives, motor controls & distance control circuits