Adjust Box EG8030

Electronics for precise distance measuring at high cutting speeds.


  • for all laser cutting applications with capacitive Lasermatic® (EG8030) and Lasermatic® Z (EG8110) distance sensor technology

System types/Lasers:

  • CO2 lasers
  • for all solid-state lasers like Nd:YAG, fibre optic and disc lasers


  • multifaceteted possibilities for user-defined parameterization
  • acquisition of sensor temperature or monitoring of plasma activity
  • error signal if collision with nozzle body occurs
  • generation of signals like malfunction, operation, collision, nozzle lost, cable break, position attained, measuring area tolerances exceeded
  • setting of user-defined parameters like collision delay, control dynamics, set point value range
  • saving and tracing of parameters possible
  • I/O interface acts as interface with the primary controller or CAN Open

Technical Specifications:

  • supply voltage: 24 V. DC ± / max. 6W
  • measuring range: 0.1 mm to 20 mm (sensor-dependent)
  • mass: 0.8 kg

Subject to change without notice.

Linear drives, motor controls & distance control circuits