Finest contours - smooth cutting surfaces - no further processing necessary.

Precitec's fine cutting system with integrated camera monitoring is used for high-precision applications. The outstanding beam quality of the beam source and the high imaging quality of the optical components are a prerequisite for the manufacture of parts which are becoming ever-smaller and which possess very complex geometry. Clearance widths of 10 µm were unheard of a few years ago - but today this is simply state-of-the-art for Precitec.

The Fine Cutting Head, integrated in a flat bed system with a small X/Y table offers a compact solution for the cutting of different materials in the thin metal sheet sector. Prototypes and smaller production runs can be produced quickly with a high degree of accuracy, at a reasonable cost and with short setup times. Fields of application are the precision engineering, jewellery and clock and watch industries. Used in combination with solid-state lasers, even highly reflective materials like gold, brass, bronze and silver can be cut.


  • burr-free cutting even with complex 3D components
  • online monitoring of cutting processes via a camera
  • integrated, adjustable lighting for solid-state laser applications
  • integrated vertical adjustment and mirror beam bender
  • faster protective glass change
  • lens is adjustable under pressure
  • also suitable for UKP laser

Subject to change without notice.