Cutting Head YK52

Solid state cutting head designed for robotic 3D cutting applications


The YK52 cutting head is used in modern sheet metal processing in the 3D cutting system with fiber-coupled lasers. It is distinguished by the large 52 mm lens diameter; whereby, it is sued for lasers with lower beam qualities and/or more power. The illustration on the laser as well as process is well adapted from numerous collimated and focusing optics.

  • constant, high cutting speeds at any operating temperature
  • larger beam diameter, modular design
  • suitable for larger laser powers
  • special slim design
  • small spot size
  • various focal lengths
  • integrated air cooling of sensor insert
  • max. laser power: 5.5 kW
  • collimation focal lengths: 100, 125, 150, 200 mm
  • focal lengths: 80, 120, 125, 150 mm
  • NAmax: 0.18 at FC125, NAmax: 0.15 at FC150, NAmax: 0.12 at FC200
  • axial lengths: 138.5 to 205.3 mm

Subject to change without notice.