Cutting Head HP SSL

Processing head for flad bed machines with fiber-coupled lasers.

The HP SSL cutting head is designed for use in flat bed systems and pipe-cutting machines with fiber-coupled lasers.

Distance Measurement

  • constant distance to work piece at any operating temperature
  • compensation of material tolerances
  • constant cutting quality

Piercing Monitoring

  • measure of piercing times
  • working with actual piercing times
  • huge cycle time savings

Cut Interruption

  • sensorics recognizes cut interruptions
  • signal to CNC

Process Radiation

  • measure of process radiation
  • provide data over user interface
  • identification of focal position

Protective Glass Monitoring

  • detection of larger amounts of spatter and damages to the focusing lens
  • online monitoring of pollution degree
  • fast change of protective glass cartridge
  • attendance check of protective glass cartridge

Cartridge Monitoring

  • attendance of cartridge
  • identification of focal lengths (cartridge)
  • no loss of time

Motorized Focal Position Adjustment

  • cutting of different material thicknesses in the same cycle
  • dynamic piercing
  • no manual adjustment of focal position

Temperature Monitoring

  • constant temperature monitoring of sensor insert
  • high process safety

Laser Back Reflection Radiation

  • measure of laser back reflection radiation by integrated sensorics
  • damage protection of fiber

Stability of Process

  • using newest technologies and materials
  • high dynamics at constant process stability

Subject to change without notice.