Solid State Lasers

Laser Cutting Heads for Solid State Lasers

The cutting head for every task

Dynamic laser cutting machines require lightweight, intelligent cutting heads. Even installed in the smallest possible space, the ProCutter offers a fully-integrated sensor system that monitors the cutting process and provides the user with relevant information. The head ensures that each component can be reproducibly manufactured at a high standard of quality.

The ProCutter offers a complete solution for the laser-based fusion cutting of thin and medium material thicknesses in the wavelength range around
1 μm. In flame cutting, greater material thicknesses can also be processed while maintaining high standards of quality. The potential of the cutting head is optimally converted into productivity, especially in the case of flatbed and pipe cutting machines, where innovative technologies are combined with proven concepts, providing the best possible performance, range of flexibility and degree of reliability.

The ProCutter APP is used to visualize the state of the laser cutting head and the query of error messages.

  • lightweight and slim design created for fast acceleration and cutting speed
  • motorized focus position adjustment for automatic machine setup and piercing work
  • drift-free, fast-reacting distance measurement
  • permanent protective window monitoring
  • straight and angled design versions adapted to the machine concept
  • completely dustproof beam path with protective windows
  • LED operating status display
  • display of operating parameters via Bluetooth® and interface for machine control
  • pressure monitoring in the nozzle area (gas cutting) and in the head
  • max. laser power: 6 kW (with wave lengths of 1030 - 1090nm)
  • electronics: Lasermatic®
  • focal length collimation FC: 100 mm
  • focal lengths FF: 125 mm, 150 mm, 175 mm, 200 mm
  • NAmax: 0.13 at FC100
  • vertical adjustment range: FC100/FF125: +6 mm/-9 mm; FC100/FF150: +9 mm/-13 mm; FC100/FF175: +12 mm/-18 mm; FC100/FF200: +15 mm/-20 mm
  • dimension (WxD): 92 x 115 mm
  • weight: 4.2 kg (straight version, FF 125 mm)

Subject to change without notice.

Safe and fast 3D cutting with robots.

The solid cutter system is the result of Precitec's many years of experience in laser cutting. The fast responding distance sensors with integrated height adjustment guarantee constantly high cutting quality at high speeds - even in the case of complex moulded components. The lenses are dustproof sealed and the optical path is completely sealed - an absolute prerequisite for long-life optical components in heavy duty environment.


  • high cutting speeds even with complex 3D components
  • long optic endurance even in rough conditions thanks to gas-tight optic chamber
  • minimized interfering contour, slim design, integrated Z axis
  • quick-lock coupling for simple insertion into the system
  • straight and angled models available
  • max. laser power: 4 kW (wavelengths 900 - 1080 nm)
  • collimation focal lengths: 75 mm, 100 mm
  • focal lengths: 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm
  • axial lengths: from 350 mm
  • NAmax: 0.16 at FC75, NAmax: 0.12 at FC100
  • stroke: ± 15 mm

Subject to change without notice.

Cutting System

Wherever the machining accuracy of robot arms and portal systems is not sufficient, the FormCutter Plus is used as an additional axes system. The robot continues to provide the infeed, but the FormCutter Plus executes all of the cutting movements, which are much more precise and are carried out much faster.

The FormCutter Plus is composed of the XY axis system and the robot cutting head SolidCutter. The fast-reacting distance sensors with integrated height adjustment guarantee constantly high cutting speeds. The FormCutter Plus is versatile, with applications ranging from robots to "standalone" installation for the mass production of small components.

  • FormCutter Plus executes all of the contour movements
  • high precision with high dynamics, regardless of the installation position
  • time savings during teach-in
  • cycle time reduction through high-speed paths, even in the case of small contours
  • stand-alone-system or robot application
  • linear X/Y drive system can also be combined with Precitec welding heads to create a FormWelder Plus unit
  • max. laser power: 4 kW (with wavelengths of 900 - 1080 nm)
  • focal length collimation: 75 mm, 100 mm
  • focal length focusing: 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm
  • work area: 50 x 50 mm

Subject to change without notice.

LightCutter for Flatbed cutting systems

The LightCutter efficiently and economically cuts thin to medium-thick materials such as stainless steel and aluminum of up to 5 mm using fusion cutting and mild steel of up to 10 mm using oxide cutting with fiber-coupled lasers. The LightCutter is integrated into flatbed cutting systems which operate within the average laser power range of 500 W to 2 kW. For reliable operation, the optical elements must be protected from fusion spatter, metal dust and pollution – so the LightCutter is completely sealed and protected from impurities in the cutting gas by an easily replaceable pressure-resistant protective window. The treated purging air in the collimator area permits neither process dust nor particles to penetrate. The focusing lens is kept clean by a pressure-tight protective window cartridge, even if the cutting gas is contaminated. Quartz lenses of the highest quality ensure a stable focal position, which is extremely user-friendly, since it can be set both laterally and vertically from the outside

  • excellent value for money
  • high cutting speed with the best cutting quality
  • easier and faster protective glass cartridge change
  • temperature and plasma constant distance control
  • scale for setting the focus position in lateral and vertical position
  • additional protective glass in collimation unit
  • max. laser power: 2 kW (wavelengths 905 - 1090 nm)
  • collimation focal lengths: 75 mm, 100 mm
  • focal lengths: 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
  • NAmax: 0.16 at FC75, NAmax: 0.12 at FC100
  • dimensions (WxD): 75 x 69 mm
  • vertical adjustment range: -5 mm / +3 mm
  • max. cutting gas pressure: 25 bar

Subject to change without notice.

For 2D and 3D applications

The MiniCutter is a real all-round talent. It is compact, light and cuts thin metals efficiently and cheaply with fiber guided laser of up to 1 kW.

The fast-reaction distance control system guarantees a constant cutting quality particularly when cutting complexes shapes. The slim design enables a high accessibility for cutting strongly curved parts.

But not only in robotic applications the processing head has many advantages. Also in flatbed cutting the MiniCutter 2D is working very well thanks to the compact shape of the sensor insert.

  • cuts thin metals efficiently and cheaply
  • simple and rapid changing of protective window cartridge (no tools required)
  • simple adjustment of focal position in lateral and vertical direction
  • temperature stable distance control
  • Plug & Play system
  • max. laser power: 1 kW (for wavelengths of 1030-1090 nm)
  • NAmax: 0.13 @FC75 (MiniCutter 2D: focussing lenses of 100 mm, 125 mm; MiniCutter 3D: focussing lenses of 75 mm, 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm)
  • vertical adjustment range of focal position: ±4 mm
  • max. cutting gas pressure: 20 bar

Subject to change without notice.

Solid state cutting head designed for robotic 3D cutting applications


The YK52 cutting head is used in modern sheet metal processing in the 3D cutting system with fiber-coupled lasers. It is distinguished by the large 52 mm lens diameter; whereby, it is sued for lasers with lower beam qualities and/or more power. The illustration on the laser as well as process is well adapted from numerous collimated and focusing optics.

  • constant, high cutting speeds at any operating temperature
  • larger beam diameter, modular design
  • suitable for larger laser powers
  • special slim design
  • small spot size
  • various focal lengths
  • integrated air cooling of sensor insert
  • max. laser power: 5.5 kW
  • collimation focal lengths: 100, 125, 150, 200 mm
  • focal lengths: 80, 120, 125, 150 mm
  • NAmax: 0.18 at FC125, NAmax: 0.15 at FC150, NAmax: 0.12 at FC200
  • axial lengths: 138.5 to 205.3 mm

Subject to change without notice.

Finest contours - smooth cutting surfaces - no further processing necessary.

Precitec's fine cutting system with integrated camera monitoring is used for high-precision applications. The outstanding beam quality of the beam source and the high imaging quality of the optical components are a prerequisite for the manufacture of parts which are becoming ever-smaller and which possess very complex geometry. Clearance widths of 10 µm were unheard of a few years ago - but today this is simply state-of-the-art for Precitec.

The Fine Cutting Head, integrated in a flat bed system with a small X/Y table offers a compact solution for the cutting of different materials in the thin metal sheet sector. Prototypes and smaller production runs can be produced quickly with a high degree of accuracy, at a reasonable cost and with short setup times. Fields of application are the precision engineering, jewellery and clock and watch industries. Used in combination with solid-state lasers, even highly reflective materials like gold, brass, bronze and silver can be cut.


  • burr-free cutting even with complex 3D components
  • online monitoring of cutting processes via a camera
  • integrated, adjustable lighting for solid-state laser applications
  • integrated vertical adjustment and mirror beam bender
  • faster protective glass change
  • lens is adjustable under pressure
  • also suitable for UKP laser

Subject to change without notice.

Laser Cutting Heads