Cutting Head DS1.5"

Processing head for bevel cutting and 3D applications.

The DS 1.5" Cutting Head is designed for bevel cutting and for 3D applications in modern sheet metal processing with CO2 lasers. It can be used for the burr-free processing of corners, initial cuts, cut sections and radial edges, or for creating bevels in various angled positions. No reworking is necessary and the quality is faultless.


  • high cutting speeds with integrated distance sensors
  • short conversion times with fast changing of focal lengths
  • preadjustable focusing optics



  • cutting of different material thicknesses
  • 3D or bevel cutting
  • focal lengths tailored to your application

Userfriendly & Safe

  • simple and safe cartridge replacement system with TCP retention
  • different coolers
  • all media connections in the upper part


Distance Measurement

  • constant distance to work piece at any operating temperature
  • compensation of material tolerances
  • constant cutting quality


Attendance of Cartridge Check

  • attendance of changeable cartridge
  • identification of focal lengths (cartridge)
  • no loss of time


Temperature Monitoring

  • constant temperature monitoring of sensor insert, housing of cutting head and cartridge
  • measure of cutting gas pressure
  • high process safety


Stability of Process

  • using newest technologies and materials
  • high dynamics at constant process stability


Subject to change without notice.