YC30 Cladding Head

Processing head for laser cladding with solid state lasers.

Examples of use:

  • repair welding work for
    • tools
    • turbine blades
    • molds
  • deposit welding

System Types/Lasers:

  • gantry systems
  • orbital systems
  • for fiber, disk and diode lasers of mid level power


  • small sized compact and modular design
  • simple integration into existing systems
  • protective window cartridge with monitoring
  • can be expanded with LWM process monitoring
  • stainless steel cooling circuits
  • homogeneous powder focus
  • small powder focus diameter
  • high powder efficiency

Technical Specifications:

  • free aperture: 28 mm
  • mass: about 3.5 kg
  • standoff distance: about 12 to 14 mm
  • min. powder focus diameter: 2.0 mm
  • track widths: depending on laser

Subject to change without notice.