Wire-fed printing/cladding head with high material efficiency and true ring focus

The processing head CoaxPrinter allows completely direction-independent laser cladding with wire. Based on the unique ring-shaped beam shape and the coaxial feeding of the additional filler material, the wire is fused homogeneously from all directions and well connected with the local melt pool. In comparison to the laser cladding with powder, a very high material efficiency is possible since the additional material is introduced and processed at 100%.

The homogenous energy distribution in the fully circular focus enables a large process window, which results in a stable process, even if the working distance fluctuates in a certain range. This proves advantageous particularly for the construction of free-formed 2.5D structures. The CoaxPrinter allows wide ranging fields of application, such as the repair of high-quality components, the coating in subject of ware resistance and the generation of thin-walled 2.5D structures or high-volume superstructures. The processing head has interfaces for water-cooling, Cross-Jet and collision protection for the wire feeding. All usual laser types can be used, to produce a true circular focus.

  •  realisation of small radii and complex 2.5D contours
  • protection against spatters and dust with cross jet and protective window
  • integration into existing manufacturing cells, machines, robot and gantry systems
  • simple adjustment and programming of robot systems
  • direction independant deposition welding

Subject to change without notice.

Laser Cutting Heads
for CO2 Laser