Precitec Products

PRECITEC offers innovations in three areas of expertise: laser cutting, laser welding, and measuring technology.

Within these areas, we maintain technology leadership by focusing on research and development. We have strong industry experience and are ready for action worldwide.

  • Laser Cutting Heads

    Laser Cutting Heads

    Established system solutions for CO2 and solid-state laser machines in 2D and 3D applications with integral, automatic distance sensors and process monitoring.

  • Laser Welding Heads

    Laser Welding Heads

    Proven processing heads for CO2 and solid-state laser applications as well as quality control systems for pre-, in- and post-process monitoring.

  • Laser Cladding Heads

    Laser Cladding Heads

    Laser cladding improves wear resistance and corrosion characteristics of a component or a component area. Precitec cladding heads are designed to work with medium to high powered fiber lasers.

  • Auto Height Sensing System Components

    Auto Height Sensing System Components

    Optimum cutting quality and highest cutting speeds can only be attained at a constant distance between the work piece and cutting head. Precitec components give a complete distance control solution.

  • Laser Process Monitoring

    Laser Process Monitoring

    A good welding result is dependent on correct welding process settings. Precitec sensors measure and control the right position of the laser spot before welding and ensure a quality that can be reproduced via the recognition of process emissions. Right after welding, the high-resolution camera system measures the geometry and surface quality of the seam. Our solutions offer the highest level of safety possible with constant monitoring of your automated joining process.

  • Beam Delivery Components

    Beam Delivery Components

    Precitec offers laser beam welding optical components for various laser types and performance classes.



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