Scout-300 high power laser scanner with unique vision technology.

Easy and intuitive set-up and operation, unique focus and tilt guide module, versatile image processing.

Pre-programmed and custom welding geometries with K-Draw software.

Faster production capability due to auto position alignment anywhere in the working field.


Laser Power up to 5kW with air and water cooling, QBH laser connection.

Collimation length 140mm

Fused Silica F-Theta Focussing lens, 30mm aperture size

F-306mm- 160mm x 160mm working field

F-420mm- 200mm x 200mm working field

F-520mm- 300mm x 300mm working field


Maximum welding speeds achieveable of 0.7m/s or 42m/min

Scan resolution of 3.05um and repeatability of 12.2um for F-420mm

Head weight 35kg