New Precitec Ceramic Launched

04 December, 2011 at 3:29 PM

A new combination of ceramics and nozzles leads to longer operating life and saves money.

More accurate cuts can be produced efficiently with the laser. An optimum process also depends on gas flow. Minimum turbulence only creates a small flow resistance, improves cut quality and reduces wear. In several development steps with cutting trials Precitec has significantly increased the flow rate through the cutting nozzle while keeping the cutting gas pressure constant. The new KT B CON ceramic part and the nozzles now have no "hard edges" and have a conical geometry.

Thus the cutting gas pressure can be significantly reduced whilst giving the same cutting edge quality and the input pressure directly on the processing head can be reduced. Field tests with the new, considerably cheaper design have also shown an increased working range for the focal position. Dirt on the focussing lens and the associated focus shift can be detected with the larger process window and increase the operating life of the optics. With CO2 cutting heads without a protective window in particular, this leads to considerable cost advantages.