LaserBeamDiagnostics over Fieldbus

03 February, 2012 at 11:53 AM

A new generation of measuring devices has been developed for an autonomous operation (without PC) and for a direct communication with the system control via standardized field bus systems.  These are supplied with a standardized GSD or GSDML file for the integration in a control system of  the  type  Siemens-S7  which  ensures  a  fast and simple installation of the devices in the system.

PRIMES measuring devices, offered with fieldbus interface:

PowerMeasuringModule:  Power meter for periodical measuring of beam power up to 8 kW, exposure time 0.1 up to 1s

MicroSpotMonitor-C/PB: Camera-based focus analysis system up to 1 kW within 1 measurement plane, focus diameter from 10 µm to 600 µm, wavelength: NIR

BeamControlSystem/PB: Combined measuring device consisting of FocusMonitor and PowerMonitor for caustic and power measurement up to 8 kW, focus diameter 200 µm up to 1 mm, wavelength: NIR and FIR

FocusParameterMonitor: Combined measuring device consisting of PowerMeasurementModule and MicroSpotMonitor-C for periodical power measurement and monitoring of focus diameter and position