Power Measuring Cubes M, L, L1

Power in the Palm of Your Hand.

The PowerMeasuringCube (PWC) is designed for power measurements of solid state lasers. In the processing zone, laser power is one of the key parameters for the result of laser materials processing. A loss of power can lead to serious quality issues of the processed part. This is why laser power must be measured directly in or near the processing zone. The PowerMeasuringCube, as a mobile and compact power probe, enables the determination of laser power directly beneath
the processing head in the processing zone.

The measurement system is designed to monitor laser power in day to day production. The compact design enables the PWC to undertake power measurements even in the smallest of places that usually do not accommodate a measurement device. The PWC is protected against shock and vibration as well as dust by a robust housing. It is also equipped with
an integrated LCD. Operating power is provided via a Lithium cell, which can be charged via a micro-USB port.

The device has an internal ring buffer, which stores the laser 14 measurements, the last of which can be viewed directly
on the display. The ring buffer itself is larger and can be accessed via Bluetooth or the LaserDiagnosticsSoftware (LDS).

Measurement Principle

The absorber of the calorimetric measurement system is irradiated by a laser for a short period of time. The temperature
difference of the absorber between start and finish of the laser pulse is measured. From the temperature rise, the microprocessor based electronics is able to calculate laser power to a high degree of accuracy. An interlock signal is provided in order to turn off the laser beam emission, should the absorber overheat. The usage of this signal is strongly

System Parameters

The PowerMeasuringCube measures the incident laser energy and the irradiation time. The calculated laser power has an
accuracy of ± 3%, with a repeatability of ± 1%. The typical working temperature range of the PWC lies between +15 °C
and +40 °C.

System parameters for the Laser:

  • Wavelength: 900 – 1090 nm
  • Power range: 25 – 8000 W (average power)
  • Measurement time = Pulse duration: 0.1 – 2 s

Laser power and irradiation time stand in
direct relationship for the measurement