Power Measuring Module

Calorimetric Power Measurement in the Processing Zone

The PowerMeasuringModule PMM is a new laser power meter to determine the current optical power right in the processing zone.


The PowerMeasuringModule utilize the calori-metric principle. A defined power probe will be irradiated for an accurate time interval.

Technical description

Based on the probe's thermal capacity thermal capacity, temperature rise and exposure cycle, the power will be calculated.

The readings are independent from spot size and spot position. Optional an irradiation time measurement is available. It will increase the reliability of the results.

Technical data

Power range
400 - 8000 W
Wavelength range
780 - 1090 nm
Absorber diameter
49 mm
Max. Beam Diameter
30 mm
Typ. Beam diameter
15 mm - 25 mm
Max. Power Density
1 kW/cm²
± 3 %
± 1 %

Measurement Cycle Time

Exposure + Evaluation
< 15sec
Nominal Measuring Frequence:    
1 cycle / 10 min

Interface (available) ProfiNET
Dimensions width x depth x height

Closed (mm)
175 x 100 x 93
Opened (mm)
233 x 100 x 230