Power Measuring Cassette

For direct integration into laser processing head of solid-state laser.

The laser power at the process zone is one of the key process control parameters for laser material processing.

An unregistered power drop can cause serious quality problems for the processed part. Therefore the laser power has to be measured at or close to the process zone.

PRIMES offers in cooperation with several suppliers of focussing heads an effective solution for power measurement very close to the process zone.


The PowerMeasuringCassette covers a family of products designed to fit into the slot of the protective window of the focussing head. So the full optical system is used during power measurement.

Stand-alone operation of the systems is for some systems also possible.

Technical description

We have adapted the measuring principle of the PocketMonitor for the Power-MeasuringCassette. The laser is fired for a fixed time period onto the PowerMeasuringCassette. We measure the temperature rise during and after the laser shot. From the temperature rise the incident laser power is determined.

The power-on time can be adapted to the incident power. By this a maximum accuracy can be achived. Please find below some examples which we already realized and are on the market.

To operate the PowerMeasuringCassette with high accuracy it is necessary to detect the temperature of the absober als well as the temperature of the environment. Both ist realized with the Cassette.

The laser on-time has to be set according to the used power range and the time frame which is selected at the Power-MeasuringCassette.

After the laser shot the measuring laser power is displayed after a thermalisation time of a few seconds. Cooling is possible at some systems by compressed air.

The temperatur at the PowerMeasuring-Cassette should not exceed a critical temperature limit. For the control an interlock signal is available. We strongly recommand to use it.

Calibration certificates can be supplied for all PowerMeasuringCassette types on request.

Solutions for the mechanical integration to other focussing heads can be supplied on demand.

Technical data

Power range 400 W - 8000 W
Power density max. 1.5 kW/cm²
Rsolution 1 W
Dynamic 20 Bit
Accuracy 4 % of the measured value
Reproducibility 2 %
Exposure time 100 ms, 300 ms, 1000 ms


Control and presentation

Either about the integrated display and control panel or directly with the system control - according to concept of the PowerMeasuringCassette.