Pocket Monitor

Compact electronic laser power meter.

  • Easy handling
  • High damage threshold
  • 41/2 digit LCD-Display
  • High dynamic due to a 20 bit A/D-converter
  • Battery life time up to > 30.000 measurements
  • High repeatability
  • Different models cover power range from serval watt up to 12 kW


The PocketMonitor is a mobile, easy to use power measuring device, that has been consequently developed for everyday application in production. Emphasis was laid on a compact design and fast, trouble- free use. The electronics is protected against impact shock and dampness by a solid aluminium housing. When it is folded up, the absorber protects the operational elements. Thus a transportation package is not necessary.

Technical description

The microprocessor supported electronics measures the temperature of the absorber and calculates the power of the laser beam with a resolution of one watt. As the resolution is high, measurements can be carried out in a very wide power range with constant accuracy. The big 41/2 digit display optionally indicates the actual power, the maximum power or the temperature. Power is supplied by a built-in lithium cell for approximately 30,000 measurements.

In measuring position (open), the device is 279 mm long. Accuracy of the PocketMonitor is +/- 4 % of the measured value in the range of 10 % to 100 % of the maximum value.

Technical data

  • Power Range: 20 W to 12 kW
  • Display: 41/2 digit LCD-display
  • Resolution: 1 W
  • Dynamics: 20-bit A/D-converter
  • Exposure time: 10 or 20 sec.
  • Battery life span: extremely long, approximately 30,000 measurements
  • Housing: robust aluminium housing (IP65)

Different type

Description Power range Geometry Weight
PocketMonitor 002p 1 W - 20 W plain 530 g
PocketMonitor 01p 5 W - 100 W plain 535 g
PocketMonitor 05p 25 W -500 W plain 560 g
PocketMonitor 30p 150 W - 3.000 W plain 670 g
PocketMonitor 70icu 350 W - 7.000 W inclined 1.110 g
PocketMonitor 120icu 500 W - 12.000 W inclined 1.550 g

Power density often can be as important for the choice of a PocketMonitor model as the maximum laser power is. Especially the PMT 70icu and the PMT 120icu have an outstanding capacity for high power densities. With these two types, even measurements at 5kW/cm2 at 5kW optical power are possible. We will be glad to assist you in your choice of the right PocketMonitor for your application.

Control and presentation

The big 41/2 digit display optionally indicates the actual power, the maximum power or the temperature and short.
The exposure time is 10 or 20 sec.