Compact Power Monitor

Compact electronic laser power meter.

Power measurement up to high power densities with cylindrical or plane absorber

  • Power measurement up to high power densities with
    cylindrical or plane absorber


Laser power is the central figure to characterise the laser beam and controls the performance of the material processing directly.
Avoid any uncertainty here!

Technical description

The PRIMES CompactPowerMonitor is measuring the laser power precisely, even for modern beam sources in the multi-kW- range

Due to the integrated display the device can be operated without an additional PC. USB, analogue-out and a safety interlock allows a further integration of the system.
All the water cooled absorbers are designed for long term operation, even with deionized water. Together with the fiber adapter a very high operation safety can be ensured.

CPM  F-10
Highlighting the CPM-F, which provide a large flat absorber, light weight and ultra low rate of back reflection. The calorimetric principle allows various beam dimensions and beam positioning on the absorber, achieving precise diagnostic results always.

The CPM-1 is a calorimetric power meter operation within 0.1 up to 1.4 kW.Mirroring the relationship to the model CPM-F the reduced all-over-dimensions allow power measurements even in smaller laser processing cells.

CPM F-20  
This „Big Brother“ was reduced in weight as well. The clear aperture of 90 mm allows power measurement far behind the focal plane or measurements of larger beam cross sections e.g. right after a telescope.

Extended weigth but designed for higher power densities is the conical absorber of the CPM-C. It is equipped with a combination of a conical reflector and a cylindrical absober.

Technical data

   CPM F-10  CPM C-9   CPM F-1  CPM F-20
Power range [kW]  0.5 - 10  0.5 - 9  0.1 - 1.4  1.0 - 20.0
Power density [kW/cm²]  < 1  < 5  < 1  < 1
Wavelength [nm]  800 - 1100  800 - 12000  800 - 1100  800 - 1100
Repeatibility [%]   ± 1.5  ± 1.5  ± 1.5  ± 1.5
Accuracity [%]  ± 3  ± 3  ± 3  ± 3
Time constant [s]   > 10  > 10  > 10  > 10
Flow rate [l/min]   > 5  > 5  > 1  > 10
Clear aperture [mm]  90  55  45  135

Dimensions [mm]
(H x B x T  exc. connectors)

71x180x162 136 x180 x162 71x180x123 113x180x163
Weight [kg]  2.9  4.8  0.9  4.8


•  Safety transport and shipment box
•  Adapter for direct fiber adaption (LLK-B, LLK-D, QBH)
•  External display
•  Different Interfaces

Fiber adapter

All available fiber adapters enable straight fiber connection to any PRIMES power meter.

For the CompactPowerMonitor CPM F-1, CPM F-10 and CPM F-20 fiber adapters are available for the fiber plugs LLK-B, LLK-D and QBH. Power measurements between fiber connector and focussing optics will be done in a safe environment.

Fiber adapters are also available for PowerMonitor 48 and EC-PowerMonitor.