MicroSpotMonitor - Compact

Modular Focus Analyzing System for micro manufacturing

The MicroSpotMonitor-Compact (MSM-C) extents the product family of camera-based focus analysis systems. It is a modular, configurable measuring system, optimized for the limited space available in micro production plants.


Due to the variety of measuring optics,  additional beam path components and deflection units (optional), the construction of the MSM-C can be changed. It ranges from a minimal installation height  of 70 mm to a storage space of 250 x 250 mm with a central beam incidence.

Technical description

The camera housing includes electronics, attenuation and power absorbers and has dimensions of about 230 x 120 x 60 mm (L x W x H). 

The MSM-C is water-cooled and can be operated with laser powers of up to 1 kW (multi-mode) or 100 W (single-mode). 

As an alternative, an air-cooled version can be operated  up to 50 W.

Technical data

Power range 10 mW to 1kW
Laser Power up to 1 kW (multi-mode)

up to 100 W (single-mode)

340-360 nm (up to 10 W)

515-545 nm (up to 50 W)

1030-1090 nm

(1000 W multi-mode - 100 W single-mode
Repetition frequency in Videomode from 1 s
Beam dimensions 10 µm up to ca. 1 mm (according to measuring optics)
Beam position Accuracy: 5 % of beam diameter (lateral)

Technical Data camera module: 

  • Available measuring optics:


3.3-times (NA=0,1 - 1 kW)@ 1064 nm
5-times (NA=0,2 - 500 W)@1064 nm
10-times (NA=0,2 - 200 W)@1064 nm

  • Field objective for reduction of magnification (x 0.3)
  • Camera dimensions: L x W x H = 230 mm x 120 mm x 60 mm
  • Triggered mode of single pulse up to typ. 10 kHz
  • Pulse lengths from approx. 80 fs to an continuous operation can be measured
  • Optional: beam path components and deflection units for an optimal installation in the plant.

Options for the absorption of the beam power and the power measurement: 

  • water-cooled absorber
  • air-cooled absorber up to 50 W
  • cooling unit with air-water-heat exchanger up to 200 W